Shoot 513 is a superb space for photography and videography projects. The beautiful former rope factory is in the riverside complex at 67 West Street in Greenpoint. Massive windows draw fantastic natural light all day while blackout blinds allow for fully controlled lightning scenarios. Recom Farmhouse, one of the world’s leading retouching and compositing companies, are located next door and can provide a high-end retoucher on set for you. Comprehensive equipment rental available.


Our top floor 1000sqft studio offers a beautiful industrial vintage vibe with metal sliding doors original  to the building, brick walls, and large wooden ceiling beams.


The studio features a 12' to 18' high ceiling, portable make-up station, air conditioning and free wifi. A huge window provides beautiful daylight and has an automated blackout blind to provide full control. Nine electrical outlets are set up to handle the needs of your production.

There is a freight elevator in the building leading to the studio and a 6' wide hallway, which is wide enough for production carts and bins.

Have a look at the expanded fifth floor plan to see the orientation of the studio and see the comprehensive info here.


We offer an array of production equipment for rent. Please reach out to us about specific rental requests and we will swiftly provide you with a quote.


Recom Farmhouse is a world renowned and award winning boutique retouching and post-production house, located next door to the studio. Shoot 513 clients get a 15% discount for onsite retouching. We are always happy to give you a free consultation.

If you choose to hire us for retouching and post-production for your shoot, we will include a free onsite retoucher. This offer is subject to approval first. Please reach out to us to discuss your project in further detail.

We offer services for image compositing, color grading and all areas of cgi image construction and compositing. Additionally we can offer proofing to studio clients.

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